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Confectionary experts from Antique, real masters of their craft, are constantly striving to offer you confections that melt tenderly in your mouth and gently caress all your senses.


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Antique company is one of the best companies located in Isfahan, Iran that has achieved great excellency in production of traditional sweets and confections. These sweets and confection are extremely nutritious and beneficial for health. As the demands for our products are getting higher and higher, This company has decided to expand the size of its current business to a larger company specializing in different sections of sweets including chocolates and pralines and some other kinds of candy and nougats. These are the aims of antique that we are working hard to achieve:
1. We are going to distribute our products worldwide
2. We are determined to compete with well-known internationally recognized brands
3. We set off to establish more branches outside iran in many differebt countries
4. We are going to distribute our products through well-known chain-markets like Wallmart, Tesco, Carrefour and the like
5. We want to redefine quality and taste as well as healthiness of of sweets snd confections and produce more healthy products
6. We have intended to increase the volume of our products consumers all around the globe by international marketing
7. We want to substitute 100 percent orgaic material instead of some other artificial materials that are not good for health
To this end, Antique company is constantly striving to
1. Employ the best and most skillful experts and workers to ensure the high quality of end products
2. Search and find the best material and staples such as high quality Iranian pistachio, almond and organic manna
3. Utilizes the best and high quality equipment and machinery to make sure that the production line does the best
4. Implementing artistic and beautiful designs in each and every branches of Antique.
5. Implementing modern work flow and company chart in the structure of company
6. We audit the best standard organizations such as SGS and FDA to certify our QC department and all the other phases of production accor